Happy Birthday to my Best Friend

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend

What better way to mark the first day of my Blog other than publishing on my very best friends’ 29th Birthday! (she’ll kill me for that! but then will she be reading this?)

A little while ago I came across an artist Mo Manning from the States, I was looking for something a little different to work with.  Getting a little fed up of what was on offer here in the UK by way of papercrafting.  Everyone seems to be doing the same thing here, however in the States they have moved on a little and boy are their products mind blowing.

Anyway getting back to Mo, I loved her images, I searched the internet to get hold of them in the form of stamps.  They were available but I wanted them today! I’m not patient and the thought of having to wait weeks for the postman to deliver was not an option! I would give up!  but hang on…… she does digi stamps! Yep buy on line, 2 mins later your crafting away. Bought job done!

The card I produced for my friends 29th Birthday! was done using one of Mo’s images.

Here’s a close up! Isn’t it just beautiful.  For all my fellows crafters this was probably one of the first times I actually used my pro-markers properly too! I was pleased with the outcome.  I edged the picture with a flourish stamp using Perfect Medium sticky ink and used mica powders to enhance the design.  Then as you can see clear as day I pulled the nessties out and did some matting and layering.

I’ve worked with Mo’s images alot lately and will see if I get those designs up soon!

That’s it for today and Happy Birthday Becca! (bet you weren’t expecting this) xx

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