Trudy’s Party Dress – My entry for Mo Mannings Competion 6th July 2011

Trudy’s Party Dress – My entry for Mo Mannings Competion 6th July 2011

I got the download Thursday or Friday evening, cant remember which, and its taken me until now to finally finish Trudy and her Party Dress. In between litter training 2 kittens and having some quality family time, I really didn’t think I would get it done.

I’m pleased to say I’m happy with the outcome.

Having seen all the other entries for this wonderful compeition I nearly gave up altogether but then that wouldn’t be fair on Mo Manning who kindly allowed us to download her artwork for free.

We were asked to go to town with Trudy, dress her how we wanted and use Design Papers to make dresses any catwalk would be proud of!  I chose a yellow pearlesent hammered paper which gives a scrunched satin affect, glittered her wasit band and put satin yellow bows in her hair.  I then edged the bottom of her dress with white tassels.  The rest of Trudy I coloured in using my trusty pro-markers.

I’ve placed Trudy onto what I call an ‘On the Shelf Card’ which is pieces of card slotted together without the use of glues and allows movement and gives dimension. I think this makes it look likes she walking from her garden.

I’ve then used glitter everywhere I could possibly get away with it!

My little add to the image is writing ‘To Peanut’ on the tag behind Trudy, that’s my daughter Josephine’s nickname, I think I’m keeping this card for her birthday!

I hope you all like my entry and well done to everyone else who has entered, its all breath taking work!

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