Just to prove I have been busy!

Just to prove I have been busy!

Hi! for the 2nd time today!  I thought it would be nice for all to see what I have been up to lately.

I received a phone call last week from the Carnival Committe of Easter Compton (the little village I live in) offering me a stall at the Summer Classics (http://www.summer-classics.co.uk) event 13-14 August 2011.  Naturally I accepted, and then took a look on line to see just how big the event is!

WOW!! It’s massive, go and have a look yourself……  Vintage Cars, Motorbikes basically the Best of British, European & American Classics & Vintage vehicles.

This is so exciting for me to have a stall as a seller, selling my Cards.  Got to get a move on though because I’ve only a short space of time and so much work to do.

Here are a few of the easel cards that I have been busy making.  A true labour of love, each one has taken me about an hour and thats not taking into account the cutting out of the image.

The images are known in the crafting/card making world as Morehead, cute children and animals alike carrying out the normal carefree activities of life. I’ve had them for a number of years and have been waiting for the right projects.  I know I have found their place now.

I’ve mounted them onto Easel Cards, heavy duty board http://www.pinflair.co.uk – stamped flowers and ivy leaves all over the easel, (the time consuming bit) stamps from http://www.flower-soft.co.uk (lampost) and then used colour co-ordinating flower soft to enhance the flowers.  Not to mention all the sparkly glitter!

I’ve only made 6 so far, currently working on my 7th as I type this.  Should have 12 by the end of this evening, and as soon as my order of Easel boards has arrived another 30 or so planned! I’ve arm ache already from all the stamping……..  but don’t you think its all worth it.

These cards will be exclusive to the Summer Classics event, however from the 16th August will be available to purchase from http://www.cardsbylucinda.bigcartel.com, just keep coming back and checking out what I have available.

Hope you all have a lovely evening, and thanks for coming by. x

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