Clean & Simple! Challenge #117

Clean & Simple! Challenge #117

Hello again!

I’ve decided to start entering my cards into the challenges again and of course naturally the first one would be with Mo Manning! (image to be found at

If things go to plan I should be entering another one or two by the end of the week, so do keep popping over to take a look!

Ok, Clean & Simple, means no frills, can I do this?…….. I think I did!  I finished this card on the kitchen unit, running up and down the stairs to my craft room to get all the bits I needed to put it altogether.

The kids wanted to help with this one! Unfortunately my craft room is a little office with only room to turn my swivel chair to the right, so that I can get to sit on it!  Then it is shelf upon shelf full of craft stuff!

The kids went through 350 sheets of backing papers, ‘ooh-ing’…………. and ‘ahhh-ing’…………….. all the way through, a very painful experiance, note to ones self  ‘pre-pick the the papers and choose from about 10’.

They all liked the idea of the Union Jack Flag and loved the distressed look, so wanted mummy to keep with that.  So scrapping away at the papers was great fun.  ‘Bunting mummy’, – ‘how you going to make that out of paper?’ Watch………… ‘WOW’! yep they loved that bit too.

They couldn’t quite understand why a baby image was used for an 18yr old, but they’ve time to work that one out!

Thank you for looking.

Lu x

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