I’m so Happy!

I’m so Happy!

Evening all!

Going to keep this post short and sweet today………….. well try!

We have had glourious sunshine today and made the most of it! John had to work until this afternoon so I casually got the kids fed and dressed and then forced them out the door! These computer games have got a lot to answer for……………………….

Anyway kicking and screaming we got the extensions and hoover out and cleaned that flaming car. If I sit in the back seat one more time and get covered in lord knows what, I’ll burst, now that the sun has come out to play I don’t want to wear dark colours and chocolate or mud or something sticky just isn’t a good look on white linen!

1 hour and empty polish and disinfectant bottles later, JOB DONE!

Now for the garden………………….. cleaned the pegs, cleaned the toys, moved the log pile and this time stored everything upside down so that they don’t collect water next time it rains! Tomorrow I’ll sort out the sunshades.

We completed our community clean up, Josephine given the choice of playing in the park with Louis (her school friend) or litter picking, and blow me down, she picks litter picking! ‘I want to use the grabby thing’.  We managed a leaflet drop too! and Sebastian dusted of his bike.  Where was Ben, well he had his noisey gun and pretty much chased everyone all day squealing with delight!  All of this makes me Happy!


Thanks for staying with me, I’ll let you go now with my entry for this weeks Sketch Saturday Challenge and Passion for Pro-Markers.

Hope you like!

Lu x

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