Catch up Lu your a bit behind!

Catch up Lu your a bit behind!


Well, I was all excited thinking yeay! I’ll blog and enter a challenge! lol! How wrong am I.  I’m a bit slow these days, having the kids home for their school holidays is causing me a bit of memory loss!

I sat down last night and followed a Sketch, I used a Magnoila Stamp, sat back and thought, ‘yep I like that’, I’ll go blog it! I didn’t read the rules properly, it was meant to be a Christmas Image!  Well I like it anyway so I posted it to my page.  Ok, lets start again, I don’t mind, like I said I liked the sketch.

Really proud of my next attempt although I couldn’t and still can’t find the sentiment stamp that I really wanted to use!  So let’s blog! Hang on a minuite this doesn’t look like the sketch I’m meant to be following! Scratch head, must have the wrong site! Double check, tripple check, steam coming from ears, I’m a day late! doh!

Anyway like I keep mentioning, I really liked the sketch, so instead I’m blogging both cards just to show the Sketch!

The first one is a Magnolia Stamp little Tilly I’m unsure of the name of this one, but its a real cutie. I hope you like it.

The second is an image from Suerya, she does lots of images for Make It Crafty.  The sentiment stamp is meant to have a little star at the top but I didn’t ink that bit properly! I’ve since put 3 pearl gems in its place and it looks alot better!

What do you think!

Thank you for humering me on this one.

Lu x

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