Tonic Studio Petal Pairs 3D Flowers Tutorial

Tonic Studio Petal Pairs 3D Flowers Tutorial

Hello all my dedicated flower followers!

Firstly I would like to thank you for popping over to take a look at my first ever tutorial.

I did originally set out to put this into PDF Format, however life is so busy at the moment you ladies would probably have had to wait another month or so, and as crafters, that’s just not good enough, we want it now!

This tutorial is by no means the correct way of doing these beautiful flowers, however after extensive research by myself I find this technique produces the prettiest and most fuller flower.  You should also note that I am not an employee of Tonic Studio nor do I actively advertise their sole products.

Once you have grasped the basics its down to you and your style and I’m sure you will be pleased with every flower you produce thereafter.

Lets get started.

Tools you will need;

  • Tonic Studio Petal Pairs Punch (however any flower punch resembling would be appropriate). If you don’t have a punch I would refer you to my page Cards By Lucinda, where for a small fee, I would be happy to send you some.
  • Glue Gun, this could be daunting to some of you so whilst you get used to the technique you may wish to use wet glue however it does take longer to dry and will not provide the sturdy body of flower.
  • Card stock no thicker than 220 gsm since most punches tend to struggle after excessive use.
  • Cocktail Stick,
  • Embossing tool, and
  • Embossing matt.





Firstly punch out 5 of the same flowers. Take two of these flowers and curl the petals around the cocktail stick.








Take your 1st flower holding the flower as I have in diagram, pop a blob of glue on petal.







Now bring it towards its adjacent petal and twirl it between your finger tips, until the glue is dry, (this should only take a few seconds).







Holding the flower again like I am in the diagram, place a large blob of glue over the 2 petals.  (This may sting from the heat of the glue, so please be careful!) You will also need to pop a blob of glue on the single petal at the bottom. Then wrap these 3 petals around the 2 centre ones.  Again twirl in your finger until the glue has dried.








You should now have your tight inner bud looking something like this!









Now pop a large blob of glue in the centre of your 2nd flower (the ones you curled around the cocktail stick).







Place your tight inner bud into the centre of the 2nd flower and press down firmly.  The excess glue should spill out the sides, wrap all 5 petals around the bud, the excess glue will secure these petals in place.








You should now have a larger bud!








Take your 3 remaining flowers and using your embossing tool, shape your flowers to a more rounded appearance.







They should look a little like this!





Turn them over, curls towards work surface!








Place a large blob of glue in the centre of one of your remaining 3 flowers and press the bud firmly into the centre, bringing the 5 petals up towards the bud.  The excess glue will secure the petals in place.  Do this for the remaining 2 flowers, using a little less glue each time.  The trick is to rotate each flower as you overlay so that the petals underneath can be seen between the top petals.







If you have anything like this, then my job here is done! If not, go back to the top of the page and start again!!!!







I hope you have found this useful. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.  Please feel free to upload your pictures to my page Cards By Lucinda.  Please also send your friends here to pick up the tutorial.  Should any of you wish a little more help or have any questions please feel free to contact me via my page or leave a message/comment here and I will endevour to get back to you.

I would appreciate you becoming a follower of my blog and facebook page, since this is where I plan to post more tutorials, ideas and keep you up to date with how these are developing for me as a crafter!  I’ve lots in the pipeline!

Thank you once again and enjoy.

Lu xx

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  1. Lucinda, you are very creative and talented lady. Those paper roses I have seen you make, are the most beautiful I’ve seen. You just go from strength to strength. When I thought they are perfect and can’t get any better, you made sparkling roses.

    You are an inspiration to many many crafters and now you are willing to share this with us. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I’m very proud to say that I’ve followed your rose making from the beginning 🙂

    Warm hugs from

  2. Thanks Lucinda for the brill tutorial I have never been able to make these flowers no matter what and have even thought about selling my punches. Thanks to you great tutorial am off to give them another go x

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